Thursday, 21 February 2019

Little Mix Win Best British Video In The Brit Awards 2019

I like to think that the artificial rocks helped a little!

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Oval shaped planters.

Apart from planters in stainless steel or Corten steel I haven't seen an oval planter offered for quite some time.   Well now I have: The Adezz Ellipse.

1150 x 800mm and 2000 x 1200 sizes, all 600mm tall.

Nice, er, shape.

Yet another alternatively shaped planter called, er, Shape. 1300mm long x 1260mm wide x 600mm tall.

Image result for adezz shape

Nice curves

Here's another lovely shaped planter from Adezz: Organ.   These have a more organic shape, and create an alternative style when placed together.   Groups of round planters and groups of square planters have been used so many times in the past.  These make a refreshing change.

Organ planter 1610mm x 1335mm x 600mm tall

Plants first Choice Poly Saucer

Who doesn't love a nice catalogue, especially those printed on lovely thick, glossy paper.   A trade planter supplier used to produce such a catalogue.   Plants First Choice had an enormous range of containers in so many different colours and materials.  One that I particularly liked was the Poly Saucer, a flying-saucer shaped dish in two sizes: 1200mm wide and 2000m wide.   Sadly that was discontinued.   Or so I thought.  That design is available again in the standard dark grey RAL7016 and a few other colours: beige-grey RAL7006, light grey RAL7035, black RAL9005 and white RAL9010.   There is a similar planter with a flat rim in the same size and a 1530mm wide version. 

The vast majority of the other Plants First Choice planters can still be made or something very similar supplied.

1200mm, 1530mm and 2000mm saucer

1200mm and 2000mm saucers

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Serralunga Sevres

The Serralunga Sevres has previously been shown as a planter made from polyethylene with an aluminium top section.   I find the simple shape of the planter without the aluminium insert more appealing.   Available in a 1000mm tall x 425mm wide version as well as a 550mm tall x 485mm wide version.   Internal dimensions are 230x440 for the tall Sevres and 280x440 for the smaller Sevres.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Cassero concrete or plaster style polyethylene planters.

Cassero 60: 60cm dia x 70cm tall with an internal width of 47cm
Cassero Long 48cm x 100cm x 55cm tall with internal dimensions of 35cm x 87cm.

Cassero planters.