Saturday, 24 March 2012

Not only but also...

430mm x 700mm


800 x 300 x 600 
1000 x 350 x 750
1200 x 400 x 900


320 x 660 
380 x 760


220 x 300
250 x 250
330 x 300
400 x 400
430 x 600
580 x 800

Sand wave 

300 x 660
370 x 820


280 x 730
360 x 860
420 x 1000


350 x 240 x 400
560 x 380 x 640

Shallow bowls 

360 x 150
460 x 180
550 x 220
650 x 260
800 x 330
1000 x 400


280 x 370
360 x 860
420 x 1000

Happy Easter

With perfect timing, a new style plant container has been introduced: the Rivur.   It reminds me of a foil wrapped chocolate Easter egg.   In fact, instead of buying a loved one a real Easter egg, buy one of these and plant it up for the spring!   Made in waterproof and weatherproof glass fibre resin, 380mm diameter and 700mm tall, the Rivur can be used indoors or out.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Hire of rocks for beach scenes.

Following a recent photo shoot where some scantily clad models were lounging on my rocks for a swimwear ad, I thought I'd better brag, sorry, blog about it.   The only thing is, the ad hasn't been released as yet and I can't show the images so here's the next best thing.

I have added a fake rock to a beach scene.   This one is from the York rock range:

The rocks are light and easy to install but if you want cobbles, they are a bit heavier to shift.   I once moved nine tones of cobbles in to a courtyard via a lift but that was many years ago.   It would take me a little longer now.  

You may also prefer to use a backdrop for the ocean or photoshop it in.   I ain't carryin' no water.

Kentia palm hire

Sometimes I get carried away blogging about plant containers and forget to offer other services.  Not only do we sell, install and maintain plant displays but we also hire them out for a day, a week or longer.   Plain looking rooms can be greatly improved with the addition of a few strategically placed kentia palms.   These tall, elegant, flowing plants can create beautiful shadows when lit from below using led lamps.   I say led because tungsten lamps can burn the foliage if placed too close.

You can also hire kentia palms and many other types of plant for the longer term and have them maintained regularly.   Any term, in fact, from months to many years.   Rental of plants for offices saves the initial outlay although there is a minimum term of 18 months for long term rental.  We also hire out our artificialrocks!   

Call or email for details: 01992 464066,

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Round Versailles style planters

The original Versailles planters are square but who says you can't reinvent the wheel?   This stylish twist on a classic planter looks great in timber finish or painted.

This manufacturer also makes the highest quality bespoke planters, gazebos, arches, bridges and trelliswork.   How about another twist on the Versailles planter:

The plain vanilla versailles:

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Half round and quarter round planters.

If you have a small garden or patio and want to install plant containers but don't want them to take up much space what can you do?   Easy! Buy a half of a container or a quarter.   No, I don't mean invest in a share of a planter, simply choose these space saving designs:

Monday, 5 March 2012


Momas planters.   The tallest is 1750mm high.


Do you like decor that rhymes?   Then choose these Bones planters to go with your Stones planters.  

Stones furniture

Yes, that's right.   Stones furniture and planters, not stone furniture and planters.   From the same factory that produces the Vela range, the Stones seats and table are made from polyethylene.    Lacquered and illuminated versions available.

Vela nice.

Way back in the eighties when I started looking after plant displays in offices, Chase Manhattan Bank had an eclectic mix of planters.   Most of them were the then standard round, square or rectangular in brown white or beige.   In places there were very dated looking shallow rectangular planters supported on a box steel frame.   One by one these began to leak and were consigned to the bin.  We didn't really recycle in those days.

Some thirty years later, the Vela range of planters manages to look stylish, original and modern.   It's only those with longer memories ( or longer in the tooth) who think they may have seen these before somewhere.   Great in the bronze colour shown but available in others colours as usual.
The vela range includes sleek looking furniture in a range of colours and even illuminated from within.   Take a look at the videos here:  and an equally elegant range of planters and furniture here:   and of course buy them here: