Sunday, 20 May 2012

Rocks and boulders for a roof terrace

A customer asked for some bespoke rocks and boulders for a roof terrace.   A new mould for a 1.2m tall x 800mm wide rock worked out to around £ 2800.00 plus vat and I suggested using our existing rocks and tall stones instead.   My suggestion differed from the original layout but sometimes compromises have to be made.   Here is my suggestion:

Tuesday, 15 May 2012 asked for a rock that could be used to sit on and another that could be stood upon.   They needed to be lightweight but strong.   There weren't any standard rocks that would suit and so I made some bespoke rocks for them.   It wasn't easy, but here's one I made earlier...

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Motorcycle display stand...

I couldn't resist enhancing the image of the off-road bike a little more...

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Real bike, fake rocks.

In order to add a hint of ruggedness to their vehicular displays, Jeep kindly bought a large number of lightweight artificial rocks from us:   A visitor to one the their shows was very impressed with the quality of the SUVs on display and also impressed by the display stand.   The customer wanted a number of rocks that he could supply to dealerships to display alongside his AJP off-road bikes: street legal but competition quality enduros.  

I showed the customer a large rock that could be used to display the bike with and this is the idea that we came up with:  Neat, huh?

Ignore the garage door in the background and try to imagine a display stand with some strategically placed soil and dirt in the foreground.

No wait, let me add some to the picture as the image below.   Add a table with some sales literature and the image of the rugged off-roader is sold to the customer!

The style above will be used for motorcycle shows as opposed to dealerships and will feature in the International Dirt Bike Show later on in 2012.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Improving the flower pot

Improving the design of the flower pot is like building a better mousetrap.   Can the age-old design be improved?   Air-pot by The Caledonian Tree Company seems to have done just that.  Tree and plant growers using a standard flower pot have needed to wait a certain time before their plants are ready for resale.   In that time they may have had to repot once or twice.   With the air-pot's revolutionary design incorporating air holes all over the pot surface, growing time is reduced meaning a faster turn around with stock.   Small stock can be planted in to larger containers thus avoiding time consuming re-potting.   'Time and money...' as the old saying goes.

Growers can read more about the air-pot here:

There is a place for the old style flower pot, however.   The simple flower pot shape is now used for decorative purposes and large flower pots are available in a range of colours for the home and office garden.   For the larger specimen plants a 2m wide pot will more than fulfil your needs.