Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Improving the flower pot

Improving the design of the flower pot is like building a better mousetrap.   Can the age-old design be improved?   Air-pot by The Caledonian Tree Company seems to have done just that.  Tree and plant growers using a standard flower pot have needed to wait a certain time before their plants are ready for resale.   In that time they may have had to repot once or twice.   With the air-pot's revolutionary design incorporating air holes all over the pot surface, growing time is reduced meaning a faster turn around with stock.   Small stock can be planted in to larger containers thus avoiding time consuming re-potting.   'Time and money...' as the old saying goes.

Growers can read more about the air-pot here: www.superoots.com

There is a place for the old style flower pot, however.   The simple flower pot shape is now used for decorative purposes and large flower pots are available in a range of colours for the home and office garden.   For the larger specimen plants a 2m wide pot will more than fulfil your needs.


  1. Need these pots in Los Angeles!

  2. Apologies for the delay in replying. Subject to minimum order via largeflowerpots.co.uk