Saturday, 29 May 2010

Fascinating forms

From the fascinating Facetados to more fascinating forms.... and the VLEK plant containers are lovely too!  

These fascinating forms really do light up my life.

Fascinating Facetados

Facetados.   A new range of planters and furniture designed by Ramón Esteve for the Spanish company Vondom.   The plant containers form a harmonised group reminiscent of a tangram when placed together but appear equally stylish when placed apart.   Not shown in the illuminated version as yet but most of Vondom's planters appear in an illuminated version so it won't be long...

There is also a very neat side table that doubles as a wine or soft drink chiller:

As usual you can apply for further details here:

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Very Tight

First the bad news... due to the difficulties in finding the right type of glass, the mesh planters with glass and illumination designed by Stefan Declerck will be discontinued.   There is a limited stock available and once they are gone, they are gone!

Now the good news, Stefan still makes the Kubric pebbles in mesh planters and the dinbar tables in the same style.   If you enjoy the theme, you can also have your garden walls or company signeage made to match, with or without illumination.

A new range of planters called Tight will be available from Stefan very soon.   They somehow appear to defy gravity and seem large but at the same time seem smaller...

Available in various colour combinations to suit your taste....   email me for further information:

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Blooming large

See what I've done there?   The large polyethelene pots shown below are as light and as durable as GRP (glassfibre) terracotta style containers but around half the price!   The 1100 diameter plain pot ( and smaller flower pots in this range) can be produced in nineteen different colours.   The 1330 diameter plain pot, the 960, 1230, 1460 diameter garlanded urns and the 870mm diameter festooned urns are available in terracotta and antique terracotta only.   Minimum orders apply for some of the larger planters.

See more details and sizes at:

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Scary planters

Why do I find these plant containers sinister?   Could it be that they look like a long pair of legs disconnected from the rest of the body?   At a giant height of 2215mm, they would be very well suited to an episode of Doctor Who.   Maybe I should drop a few hints.   The Babele is a prototype planter by 21st Century design, who also produce a beautiful range of illuminated planters.   These can all be seen at with many of the the same shapes on that website available unlit in a range of colours.

Other prototypes to be produced in 2010 are the Saturno and the Leviathan.   These will be added to the website when full details are released.