Monday, 4 November 2013

'Tis the season...

I have previously mentioned how people get a bit upset when the first Christmas decorations appear in the shops before Halloween and Bonfire Night.   I agree with them.   Decorations do appear earlier and earlier and it won't be long before we see window displays displaying Easter eggs and Christmas trees.   May I be the first to coin the phrase 'Eggs 'n' Xmas'.    Being in the gardening/interior planting business, I am used to seeing Christmas decorations in the wholesalers in August and didn't mind that.   In fact if you needed some decorations at Wholesalers in November or December you could be lucky to find them!

Fortunately the days of returning to a recently installed tree in an office to find the one light bulb that had expired are long gone.   The majority of Christmas tree lights are leds now.   The earlier leds were too white but with the introduction or warm white leds the traditional appearance can be retained.

I am a traditionalist.   I love the 'old' style of Christmas tree but can appreciate that in shops and offices a newer form is sometimes more suitable.   That's why I am offering the trees shown below.   These have an oval footprint as opposed to circular and will therefore take up less space when arranged in a group.   Merry Christmas!  

Prices here:

LED Christmas trees

RGB leds

Leds can be fixed on one colour