Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Cassero concrete or plaster style polyethylene planters.

Cassero 60: 60cm dia x 70cm tall with an internal width of 47cm
Cassero Long 48cm x 100cm x 55cm tall with internal dimensions of 35cm x 87cm.

Cassero planters. plantcontainershop.com

Serralunga Versailles (Ch√Ęteau de Versailles) style planters

Those clever people at Serralunga are releasing a new product very soon (April 2018).   The exquisite Versailles planter by Jardins du Roi Solei is so very desirable yet so very unaffordable.   Serralunga have made their own version...

Versailles style planters . plantcontainershop.com

They have also been experimenting with a marble finish for some products as can be seen below.

Marble finish on polyethylene planters. plantcontainershop.com