Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Name dropping...

And speaking of large flower pots I had a rush order for a very large flower pot "large enough to hide a man inside."   Most planters are made to order but I happened to have an 1100mm diameter flower pot and a few smaller matching planters hanging around.   Delivery was to be to the Jonathan Ross show at the ITV studios by the Thames.   Just by chance I was flicking through channels the following Saturday night and up popped Jonathan's face.   Naturally I watched to see whether my products would be centre stage and there they were, albeit sitting quietly in the background.   Did I say quietly? Well you can see for yourself in the Nina Ricci interview around about 27 minutes in to the show here:   You don't have to sit and watch the whole thing.   You can fast forward to the action 32 minutes in if you want!

These were the planters in question:

And if 1100mm diameter isn't large enough then the 2000mm ones shown in the earlier post should suffice!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Very, very large flower pots.

2000mm dia x 2000mm tall.   Also available unlit in a range of colours.

1730mm dia x 1200mm tall.
No words needed.

Pot cake

I wonder how many people searched for something on the internet but found this instead?   Hey, I'm sorry man!   What better kind of cake for me though.   This one that is.   Made by the US company Perfect Endings.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Geo bowl

Minimum orders apply again I'm afraid.   Minimum order ten of this geometric twist on the planted bowl 400x400x120:

Shabby chic planters

I'm pretty sure that the term shabby chic hasn't often been applied to plant containers but a new range of colours has been added to the standard terracotta, greys and earth colours on these lightweight yet durable polyethylene planters.   The finishes and shades vary due to the method of production.   These are imported and a minimum order of £ 650.00 + vat and delivery (as of 2012) apply.   This would mean purchasing  ten 420mm wide square planters or five 800mm dia festooned planters.