Friday, 3 June 2011

The whole tooth and nothing but the tooth

We already have a planter with a water reservoir that looks like a drip used in hospitals and now we have a planter that would be entirely suitable for dentist waiting room: the Moly.  Standard finishes are lead effect and aluminium textured but any colour is available to order.   Sizes 470 dia x 620 tall, 550 x 760 and 750x910.

Another version of an existing planter, the square long pot, now comes in any colour.   Illuminated versions have a low energy lamps or colour changing
remote controlled LED.

A variation on the kanoe planter is now available in a smaller size: 710 long x 290 wide x 490 tall.   The original version is 1800mm long, 680mm wide and 500 or 960 tall.

Spheres now available in any colour.   300, 460, 660 and 1170 diameters and similar sizes in the illuminated version:

Leather planters: tall tapered curved round planters covered in real leather. 360x800, 510x1200, 600x1500.

And the final update of this blog: the Tornado: 530x330, 530x530 and 530x790

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Stainless steel planters with illuminated lettering.

Based on square illuminated planters, these have a stainless steel sleeve placed over the planter with laser cut lettering or a logo on the side.   Image for illustration purposes only.

Why not see them all....

More window boxes available from

Available in lead finish, aged lead, terracotta and any BS or RAL colour.

Adam window box 270mm deep, 210mm tall and in 610, 910, 1370 and 1530 lengths.  All colours. 

Bead window box 240mm deep, 220mm tall, two lengths: 610mm, 910mm.

Hunter window box 230mm x 230mm x 910mm.

Oakleaf window box 230mm deep x 240mm tall, two lengths: 610mm and 910mm.

Panel window box in three sizes: 180mm deep x 200mm tall x 760mm long, 230mm x 230mm x 910mm, 200mm x 200mm x 1220mm.

Rectangular window in three standard sizes.   200mm deep 250mm tall and 400/700/1000 long. These can also be any size as a special order.

Swags window box. 200mm deep, 210mm tall and 610/910 long.

Wheatsheaf window box 270mm deep x 210mm tall x 610/910mm.

Tudor window box 220mm deep x 230mm tall x 620mm long

Town window box 220mm x 220mm x 970mm

Beautiful boxes

Why do they discontinue things when they are so lovely?   Because nobody buys them, that's why.   When they are no longer available there's a sudden surge of interest.   "There's no call for them these days, and you're the tenth person I've told that to today!"   The beautiful Piniot window box (1000mm x 220mm wide x 240mm tall) is back by popular demand but only as a special order of four or more.   Any colour you like including lead finish and aged lead finish.