Monday, 9 June 2014

The Women's Institute AGM 2014

Those lovely ladies in the WI, thousands of them, descended on the first direct Arena in Leeds for the 2014 AGM.   I had finished installing the plant and flower displays before they arrived and was a little late collecting so I missed a 5000 strong rendition of Jerusalem.   A pity, it's such a stirring song.   As usual at the end of the event I gave out the fresh flowers to anyone who wants to take them home.   The ladies weren't allowed past the rope barrier as technicians were dismantling equipment so I started throwing flowers over to them as the singer Morrisey used to do in his early concerts.   I quite enjoyed throwing flowers to my fans but the bunches of flowers came apart as I threw them and one WI member, I'm sure she was an ex-teacher, asked (told?) me not to thrown them.   Twice. The very helpful security staff took the flowers from me and passed them on.    In fact all the staff at the Arena in Leeds were really helpful.

It's the centenary of the WI next year and the AGM will be held at the Royal Albert Hall.   Unfortunately there will be no founding members in attendance.

Plant and flower displays at the First direct Arena in Leeds for the WI AGM 2014