Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Name dropping...

And speaking of large flower pots I had a rush order for a very large flower pot "large enough to hide a man inside."   Most planters are made to order but I happened to have an 1100mm diameter flower pot and a few smaller matching planters hanging around.   Delivery was to be to the Jonathan Ross show at the ITV studios by the Thames.   Just by chance I was flicking through channels the following Saturday night and up popped Jonathan's face.   Naturally I watched to see whether my products would be centre stage and there they were, albeit sitting quietly in the background.   Did I say quietly? Well you can see for yourself in the Nina Ricci interview around about 27 minutes in to the show here:   You don't have to sit and watch the whole thing.   You can fast forward to the action 32 minutes in if you want!

These were the planters in question:

And if 1100mm diameter isn't large enough then the 2000mm ones shown in the earlier post should suffice!

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