Saturday, 17 March 2012

Hire of rocks for beach scenes.

Following a recent photo shoot where some scantily clad models were lounging on my rocks for a swimwear ad, I thought I'd better brag, sorry, blog about it.   The only thing is, the ad hasn't been released as yet and I can't show the images so here's the next best thing.

I have added a fake rock to a beach scene.   This one is from the York rock range:

The rocks are light and easy to install but if you want cobbles, they are a bit heavier to shift.   I once moved nine tones of cobbles in to a courtyard via a lift but that was many years ago.   It would take me a little longer now.  

You may also prefer to use a backdrop for the ocean or photoshop it in.   I ain't carryin' no water.

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