Saturday, 17 March 2012

Kentia palm hire

Sometimes I get carried away blogging about plant containers and forget to offer other services.  Not only do we sell, install and maintain plant displays but we also hire them out for a day, a week or longer.   Plain looking rooms can be greatly improved with the addition of a few strategically placed kentia palms.   These tall, elegant, flowing plants can create beautiful shadows when lit from below using led lamps.   I say led because tungsten lamps can burn the foliage if placed too close.

You can also hire kentia palms and many other types of plant for the longer term and have them maintained regularly.   Any term, in fact, from months to many years.   Rental of plants for offices saves the initial outlay although there is a minimum term of 18 months for long term rental.  We also hire out our artificialrocks!   

Call or email for details: 01992 464066,

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