Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Artificial polished pebbles

If you have around £80 and are happy to wait a few weeks you can buy a stone polishing starter kit and polish up some pebbles.   A little research will be need from websites such as www.gemrock.net. 

You can cheat a bit and buy polished pebbles on eBay.   These will have a semi-polished appearance and will have nicks and dents.   For a super shiny finish you can buy glass pebbles in various colours. 
For portable display use or if there are weight or loading restrictions you can consider artificial pebbles.   Made of polyethylene, these are so lifelike as to be indistinguishable from the real thing.   There are advantages with artificial stones such as consistency of shape, colour and supply and the weight is around half when compared to the same volume or coverage of real pebbles.   The man-made pebbles can easily be drilled should you need to attach anything to them.   

Eight 3Kg packs will fully cover 1 square metre and five 3Kg packs will lightly cover the same area if spread over a suitable material, for example black pebbles on a black surface

Available in 3Kg packs (minimum 10 packs) you can buy these from artificialrocks.co.uk.

Real polished pebbles

Artificial polished pebbles

Artificial polished pebbles in grey

Artificial polished pebbles in white