Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Presentation techniques for your exhibition display stand

We are all simple creatures at heart. Show us something shiny, pretty, sparkling or attractive and we will be interested. Take packaging for example. Children’s cereals are packaged in brightly coloured boxes often including a cartoon character having fun. The children will ask for this cereal and often the parents will buy it even though it may not be the tastiest or healthiest. It’s the same with clothing. The goods in clothing catalogues are usually modelled by attractive people but the actual clothing may not look quite as alluring when worn by the customer. It’s also the same for events and exhibitions. When preparing an event, the organiser needs to make sure that the product or service is presented in an attractive and interesting way. PC games stands at exhibitions, for example, should have a high tech feel with LCD screens, areas to try the games and an attractive young girl or two in a Lara Croft or superhero outfit. Sexist? Possibly. Realist? You bet! The girl or girls on the display stand may also seem like a role model for young female customers and the older male game players won’t be too upset either.
Products implying natural or healthy ingredients would benefit from having a some trees or plant displays on the exhibition stand. For exhibitions and company presentations, plant display hire is an ideal way to brighten up a dull venue. The addition of plants and flowers on their own won't be able to disguise a really unattractive venue but they can draw visitors eyes away from the bad bits and towards the good parts. Water features can also be included where necessary.
For business presentations, a subtle plant display placed either side and at the front of the stage or presentation area will add another dimension and may keep the audience interested for that little bit longer!
Flowers and plant containers can be colour co-ordinated with the company colour or logo although this is often not really necessary as the flowers and plants will be appreciated if they are presented in an attractive way.


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