Friday, 18 September 2009

Lechuza AirClean planter and humidifier

Lechuza plant containers are made by the people that produce high quality Playmobil toys. Lechuza has just added another excellent product to the range. It’s a combined plant container, air filter and humidifier.

Humidifiers are used to increase the relative humidity in a room. Raising the humidity can relieve irritating symptoms such as a dry throat, nose or skin. With the winter weather looming, the heating indoors can reduce the humidity especially with the use of convector heaters.

The Lechuza AirClean has a water reservoir of around 28 litres and with the aid of a pump, draws air through moist zeolite based granules. Zeolites are medical grade adsorbants and are used to produce pure oxygen by acting as a microporous sieve. The air takes in moisture as it passes though the granulate and releases it in to the room. Fine dust particles are captured within the granules.

The water reservoir only needs refilling every 4-10 days and the high humidification output can be up to 7 litres a day.

One unit is recommended for a room of at least 40 square metres and will need a mains electricity supply. They are for indoor use only.

It is also recommended that hydroponic plants are used or plants that have had all the soil washed from the roots. Hydroponics are not commonly used in the UK but are readily available if required. Very tall plants are not recommended due to stability issues.

A selection of available hydroponic plants are as follows: Sanseveria, Rhaphis, Aglaonema, Yucca, Zamioculcas and Dracaena fragrans.

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