Sunday, 11 October 2009

Hungry? Thirsty?

Perhaps I have the munchies this morning but while adding details of some designer plant containers to the website, I couldn't help feeling that the planters should have labels attached saying "Eat me!" and "Drink me!"

The Fuzzy stool and Fuzzy pot in metallic chocolate brown would be ideal plant pots for the corporate headquarters of a chocolate confectionery company. The stool is a stool one way up and a plant container the other way up. They are stackable and can be topped off with a fuzzy pot for an alternative shape.

It would then be only a matter of days until the chief executive of a marshmallow company would bang his fists on the boardroom table and shout " Get me some plant containers that look like marshmallows!" This is where I come in.

Naturally, after eating so many plant containers you may feel thirsty. Well take a sip or two from the Cubalibre planter. The Cubalibre is 880mm dia x 980mm tall, with an internal planting depth of 410mm. That means it will only hold 725 litres of drink so you won't feel too full if you drink it all! Also available in an illuminated version. take a look here:

A county or two away, and in another boardroom meeting, another chief executive bangs his fist on the boardroom table. " We don't make confectionery, we make aluminium foil but I still want plant containers that reflect our business! Get me on the phone!" I am already one step ahead. Here's a plant container with an effect that mimics crushed aluminium foil. We could go even further and plant them with Pilea cadierei: the aluminium plant!

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