Friday, 26 February 2010

Indoor green walls

Most green walls are permanent outdoor fixtures and can either be plants climbing up a wall supported mechanically or supported by attaching themselves to the wall with roots or tendrils.  Another type of green wall is the living wall.  These are purpose built lightweight structures with a lightweight planting medium and an irrigation system.   The living wall planting units, designed for internal and external use, are usually modular and are fixed to the building structure.

A more economical and versatile green wall, or perhaps a green room divider, has been created by stacking several planter troughs on top of each other and supported by means of an aluminium frame.  The unplanted unit is 1000mm wide x 220mm deep by 2200mm tall.

In order to create a dense green wall effect, the ideal plant would be the trailing Scindapsus aureus.   These tolerate the lower natural light levels in most workplace environments although in order to maintain the density of the foliage, bright artificial lighting should be directed on to the wall.

The planter troughs can also accomodate more colourful and a wider variety of foliar plants although the troughs themselves will be partly visible with this method.

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