Saturday, 20 March 2010

Classic terracotta style urns

Just added to the existing selection of terracotta style planters on the website are these classical styled urns and planters.   The moulds were taken from original terracotta vessels and faithfully replicate each crease and crevice.   The original vase that large Sussex urn is based upon took four men to lift!   The GRP (glass reinforced plastic or fibreglass) copy weighs just 15Kg or 33lb in the old money.   Some prefer the feel of real terracotta and with the smaller urns the price difference may be slight and transportation may be quite easy.  

The larger real terracotta containers are extremely heavy, however, and can easily be damaged so choosing GRP may be the best choice for both ease of handling and for durability.   They make more economical sense too.  

As these are made from GRP, the finishes are almost unlimited.  

These particular urns and planters look great in terracotta finish but are available in lead and weathered bronze finishes and in any BS or RAL colour.

The large terracotta style trough shown here is fitted with an optional cover that converts the trough to a bench with storage.

There are large plant containers that can be used as a water tank or water butt and some that can have a wall plate attached that converts the water tank in to a fountain.

Coming soon to this website: GRP planters made in moulds taken from original lead planters.

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