Sunday, 1 April 2012

National Cleavage Day and

Even though this blog entry is dated 1st April, there really is a National Cleavage Day.  Sponsored by Wonderbra, Samantha Paterson, who is the brand manager, said that the day is intended to be lighthearted amusement. She also kindly mentioned that the gross revenue will be donated to charity.   Read more here:

There is no mention of National Cleavage Day on the wonderfully named website, a site dedicated to the supply of cleavage-enhancing bras and swimwear.   I mention this site on my blog as Maxcleavage hired a number of our artificial rocks for a photo shoot for their new bikini range.   The images were taken in a studio but the deft hand of Michelle George the photographer and make-up artist created images that appear to be taken on location.

Hire the rocks here:

...and buy the bras here:

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