Friday, 26 April 2013

Fake rocks could save lives

Following a fatal accident in Hamburg N.Y, real rocks have been removed from a roundabout on a traffic junction and replaced with artificial rocks.   The traffic roundabout or traffic circle, is a common site in the UK, but still rare in the US.   Many UK roundabouts have been driven over either by accident or on purpose, but all British drivers will be aware of this common road feature.

Real rocks on roundabout

The fatal roundabout junction was relatively new although construction had been going for for several weeks.   Had the traffic circle been constructed with much smaller rocks the fatality could have been avoided although the visual impact of the larger boulders would have been lost.

It may have been preferable to use the fake rocks in the first place but at least fatalities due to impact with such an unforgiving material will now be avoided.

Fake rocks on roundabout

More of this story can be seen in the videos below.

One resident mentioned that the rocks don't look real.   The shape and detail are real enough and it's the colouring and new appearance and possibly the positioning that makes them look fake.   Artificial rocks are one of the few products that don't look at their best when new and appear more life-like when they are aged with dirt and mud.

Signeage and markers can be included on the face of artificial rocks

Artificial rock with sign (simulation)

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