Sunday, 30 June 2013

Giant flower pots in the city of Bournemouth

To many people, the word 'city' confers a large and densely populated urban area.    In the past, city status was awarded to towns with a diocesan cathedral although that is no longer the case.   There are a number of British cities which are smaller than some towns or even villages.   St David's in Pembrokeshire, Wales is the smallest city in the United Kingdom with a population of just 2000. Wells in Somerset with a population of 10000 and Ely in Cambridgeshire with a population of around 14000 are also cities.

With a population of around 168,000, Bournemouth is a city when defined by it's population but In 2012, Bournemouth was unsuccessful in its bid for city status, losing out to Chelmsford in a competition with 26 other towns to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee.

To celebrate the town’s sea views being restored after the demolition of the unloved IMAX Waterfront building and the extension of the Pier Approach open space, on 28th June 2013 the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra (BSO) played two free outdoor concerts, and it stayed dry all day!   Tickets were awarded with a ballot.

As part of the improvements in the area,   Just as the City Of London has for the Aldgate Experiments, Bournemouth purchased 16 extra large flower pots for planting with enormous olive trees.   When empty these can easily be lifted by one or two people.   You can see the extra large flower pots here:

Giant flower pot

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