Sunday, 2 March 2014

Glow me the way to go home...

Pro-Teq Surfacing UK Ltd have been awarded a Global Business Excellence Award for 2013 in the category Outstanding Innovation for their product: STARPATH.   Starpath is a spray installed coating and aggregate mix for application on existing concrete or tarmac paths. Phosphorescent chips in the aggregate glow in the dark creating ambient lighting for areas where street lighting is often turned off in the darkest hours.

Starpath installed by Pro-Teq Surfacing UK

Starpath is durable enough for public pathways but can also be installed in domestic gardens.   The density of the phosphorescent chips can be varied and can even be arranged in patterns.

There are other glow in the dark stones and pebbles that can be used at home and these can easily be found on eBay.   Another glow in the dark product can be seen on the website.   The illumination isn't photoluminescent this time however and the rocks need to be illuminated with battery powered led strings.   Warm white leds give the greatest effect but any colour leds can be used.   The smaller rocks can be used indoors with a mains powered cfl lamps to give a much brighter glow.

Illuminated rocks:

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