Thursday, 7 August 2014

Stone style planters

The rectangular planters and tall square planters in the following images are 'polystone'.   That is to say they are stone chippings in resin.   They look like they are made of stone but are much lighter.   The tall rectangular planters can have a flat top to convert them to a pedestal or can be fitted with a smaller planter on top to add height and style.

Polystone planters - stone chippings in resin

Polystone planters - stone chippings in resin

The following stone style planters are made completely from a glassfibre resin material made to look like stone.

Stone effect glassfibre planters

The polystone vases shown below are also available in grey and cream as are the rectangular polystone planters.

Polystone vase.   The look of stone without the weight.

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