Wednesday, 4 November 2015

I want one of those...

At the time of writing "It's only seven weeks until Christmas!" still has the power to surprise.  We've only just had summer.   It may be a little too late to order for this Christmas but how about one of these in your stocking next year....

...a full sized remote controlled digger!  Laing Plc recently asked about hiring some rocks for an event in London where their remote control technology was being demonstrated.  With all the basements being excavated in London, wirelessly controlled equipment is the ideal solution for a hazardous environment.

We had the perfect artificial rock for hire for this event: boulder G.  Made from tough and durable polyethylene it was the perfect size for scooping and shovelling without leaving a mess to clear up afterwards.   Weighing only 9Kg there was no risk that someone would be crushed by a falling rock.

With regard to the digger and remote control I'm sure with this purchase batteries will be included.

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