Friday, 27 November 2015

Pop up Christmas trees

Who hasn't admired a very tall Christmas tree bedecked with tiny white lights outside an office, in a retail park or even outside someone's home.  It can take at least a couple of months planning to arrange such a display.   One Christmas tree grower I knew wouldn't even pick up the phone come December.  

Securing large Christmas trees can be a chore.  It may look great on the chilly, still day that you install it but if the weather changes and north winds doth blow then you doth have to go out and fix that tree that doth blow over.   Arranging the lights on the tree so they appear neat and crisp and even is time consuming.  There is always a gap where a branch to hang the lights on should be.   Don't get me started on the subject of the old strings of tungsten lamps!   One lamp doth blow and the whole of that string wouldn't light up.   Fortunately the old style lamps have been superseded by leds.   The first led strings had too much of a blue tint to my liking but other colours including warm white were soon added.

Some fortunate householders will have a lovely tall pointy shaped conifer in their garden and these are ideal for turning in to a Christmas display by covering it with lights.   Cover it you must as it looks a little sad when you try to stretch a 40 string set around an 8ft tall evergreen.   One neighbour covers their tree with plenty of lights but uses the same old extension wire that is around 3ft too short.  Four or five led lights are always draped along the ground as the cable is stretched to the nearest power outlet.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology it is now possible to have a Christmas tree display up to 30ft tall without an actual tree.   Fairy bells pop up Christmas trees are here to save the day!   These are simply strings of leds held in position with securing straps and attached to a fibreglass stem.   Fairy bells are quick to install and take up little room when stored.   See the video here:

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