Friday, 15 March 2013

Fake meteorite in crater

In fact this is a faked picture of a fake meteorite in a crater.   This is an ideal film prop, 900mm long and weighing only 12 Kg. Available in a range of colours, it wouldn't take much effort by the art department to add some silver highlights to give the appearance that the meteor is made of metal.

There are a large number of websites explaining how to make fake rocks.   It's not easy to hand carve a realistic looking rock and the best method of making a faux rock is with the use of a mould and suitable casting material.   Jesmonite is very popular with creatives and there are additives that will give the appearance of metal when polished.    Of course it is far easier and more economical overall to buy them from here:

These are not just for film use.   GRP or glassfibre artificial rocks are very durable and can be used in landscaping schemes or green roofs where weight is an issue.   GRP is a hard material and can be damaged with rough handling.   Apart from GRP, lightweight rocks can be made in polyurethane and polyethylene or plastic.   The poly or plastic rocks can be thrown around without damage.  Ideal for avalanches, landslips and rock falls.

Faked image of a meteor using a fake rock.
These could be meteorites.

Surface detail on fake rock.

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