Saturday, 16 March 2013

Lightweight artificial rock panels

Lightweight artificial rock panels for wall mounting or portable display use.   Used in conjunction with our rocks and boulders, these make an impressive but easily transportable display for shows and events.  We supply two types of fake rock panels.   The polyurethane panels are tough and durable and can be handled quite roughly without damage.   These weigh around 20Kg and two people are needed to handle them.   The other type is made from GRP or fibreglass and weighs around 9Kg.   The detail on the fibreglass stone panels is very realistic although when used for portable displays for exhibitions and shows, more care must be taken when handling as fibreglass is more brittle and can chip or crack.

Fibreglass rock or fake stone panels can be made to appear as a continuous length by bolting together.   Some patterning or style is repeated but the panels can be turned around to give a different appearance.   All panels must be provided with a method of support.   They can be drilled for fixings or can be made with fixing brackets.

Lightweight GRP or fibreglass fake rock panel

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