Sunday, 17 March 2013

Oase FM Master rock cover

Oase are a well-known manufacturer of high quality garden pond products.  The Oase FM Master 3 is a remote radio controlled pond technology unit with four outlets, two are switched on and off via a hand-held transmitter, one is permanent and one is a dimmer (for use with Nautilus and certain Aquamax pumps). Using a remote control, power circuits are turned on and off, lights are controlled or the filter capacity can be regulated.

Oase FM master rock cover

The FM master is simply installed by pushing the spike in to the ground.  If it's not convenient to position the unit behind foliage there is now a rock style cover to disguise it.   One rock on it's own, however, can look a bit lonely in a garden and  would appear more at home with some boulder buddies.   You can buy buddies for the boulders and get respite for your rock here:

Another product from Oase is The Oase Filtoclear Filtocap. The Oase Filter Rock Covers are for the indispensable Oase Filtoclear range of pond filters.

Filtoclear cover

Buddies for the FM master rock including  a 6ftx6ftx2ft boulder on the right.   Lightweight fake boulders.

View the Oase products here:

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