Saturday, 8 March 2014

Taking rocks to the seaside.

A 6 hour drive to Cornwall with a van load of rocks for a photo shoot is normal, right?  

Carrying the rocks along the beach caused much amusement.   A few passers-by wanted to have a photo while holding the rocks above their head and after explaining that I wanted to carry them nearer the seafront they kindly assisted after having posed.   The rocks are lightweight but after trekking across a cobble-strewn beach, they start to feel a little heavier.

The photo session included three styles of fake stones: smooth rounded to represent rocks eroded by the sea, rougher rounded rocks and the more angular rusted rocks.   All are available in almost any colour.

The light grey rounded stones between 400mm and 800mm long have been digitally coloured in the second image to show how they can be produced in various colours to match the landscape.

The image below shows how a recent rockfall had exposed a rock face that was almost exactly the same rust colour of the artificial rocks.

The rougher rounded artificial stones have more surface detail and are reminiscent of the Moeraki boulders found in New Zealand.   These ones are somewhat smaller however.   The incoming tide is fast in Bude, Cornwall and took me a little by surprise.   One rock was upturned by a wave and resembled a coracle as it made its way out to sea.   Fortunately another wave overturned the boat and I was able to rescue it.   You can see the rocks washed away on Youtube here: Artificial rocks all at sea! or in the following post.

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