Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Lightweight balustrade for weddings and events

A baluster or spindle, historically made from turned wood, when placed side by side in a line forms a balustrade.  The balustrade will usually have coping stones or a handrail on top. The word banister is used to describe a balustrade forming a stairway.

A balustrade set against a beautiful landscape of established trees implies a grand country estate and this is an ideal backdrop for weddings and events.  What if you don't have access to a grand country estate?  Bring your own balustrade!

This balustrade and associated pillar is made from lightweight, tough and durable white polyethylene. Why not add some planters on pedestals to complete the effect.

For a more subtle effect there are pillar and chain combinations.

Call for further details:  www.plantcontainershop.com

Lightweight polyethylene balustrade

Lightweight polyethylene balustrade
Lightweight polyethylene pedestal

Lightweight polyethylene pedestal

Lightweight polyethylene planter on pedestal

Lightweight polyethylene pillars with chains

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