Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Planters made from 80% recycled material.

The typical office planter has a very long life.   One office that we maintained plants in had the same glassfibre planters for over 25 years! They were almost as good as new after all that time. At the end of their office career they are put out to pasture, or put out in to the garden at least. We have often been asked whether the planters are being disposed of and whether staff can have one or two for home use. I am pleased to know that they can have an extended life of 40 years or more.   

Recycling glassfibre is not as easy as recycling other materials although it is possible as this earlier post shows:

Planters made of other plastics can be readily recycled and you can now buy planters that are actually made from 80% recycled materials. The recycled material comes from consumer products such as computer casings made from ABS plastic.

These come in the full RAL colour range and a number of Pantone colours.   The following styles are available: tall tapered round, tall square, tall tapered square, smaller tapered square and cube type squares.

Recycled planters: tall square

Recycled planters: tall tapered round

Recycled planters: tall tapered square

Planters made from 80% recycled material

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